Breast feeding is indeed the natural and most preferred means of nourishing the babies, right from the birth to a certain period. However, aspects such as maternal deficiency in lactation, babies being allergic to mothers’ milk and so on, compelled the nutrition experts to formulate a substitution to breast milk. On the other hand, the root cause of the denial of breast milk to the infant is the matter of concern. Consequently, in consideration of various medical issues, major nutritional giants developed baby milk formulae. The development is a boon to the babies and mothers enduring with health related issues. SADS is the distributor of baby milk substitution produced by renowned company. M/s. Pfizer Nutritionals are the chief supplier of the cited nutritional products to SADS.

SADS also distribute wide range of Omani foods products, such as Mother Choice which has the fines ingredients of real vegetables and fruits. All the products are healthier, tastier and nutritionally superior. 'Mother’s Choice' baby cereals and biscuits are especially fortified with minerals and vitamins such as Iodine and Vitamin A and enriched with 16 nutrients so as to meet the special needs of infants and children.