Tender Customers

Ministries and Governmental Hospitals.

Private Hospitals.

Our Branded Products Supplied to all Private Hospital and their associated Pharmacies within Saudi Arabia.


Considered as Clients like Nahdi, United Pharmacies, Nahhas , Society, etc.

Retail Traders.

Panda & Hyper Panda, Danube, Carrefour, Bin Dawood, Othaim,etc.

Our Customer & Distributors

We Supply our products to all Customers located mainly in Saudi arabia and Middle East .

SADS Co Key Success Factors

Leading Saudi Pharmaceutical Company,
Kingdom-wide distribution network and facilities,
Direct coverage of all trade sectors,
Specialized sales structure in line with market segmentation,
Sound financial capabilities,

  • Long-Term Business Partnership
  • Flexibility & commitment
  • Adaptation to Market Dynamics
  • Continued search for innovation
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